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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In a "posty" mood...

So, I post craft items on here so much that I though I'd share with you some personal pics. These are of my favorite two-year-old Haylee as her dad and I took here to the pumpkin patch in Snohomish a couple weeks ago. She is soooo stinkin cute! I want to steal her every time I get to see her!

The terrain was pretty muddy and lumpy, so as we were traipsing through the patch, I hear Haylee behind me saying "Weee! Weeeee!". I look behind me to find her "running" down the lumpy slopes like they were giant hills. Oh, the little things that entertain a two-year-old! It as so cute!

We were trying to get her to pick out a pumpkin by encouraging her to pick up some of the smaller pumpkins:

Me: "Haylee, how about this pumpkin?"
Haylee: "No, it dirty!"
Me: "Well honey, they're all dirty. How about this one?"
Haylee: "No, it wet!"
Me: "It's OK, your clothes can be washed"
Haylee: "Look at my shoes, they dirty!"
Me: "Look at my shoes, they're dirty too"

That then encouraged her to stop every few feet to say "look at my shoes!" over and over again. She did finally pick out the smallest pumpkin in the patch but didn't want to carry it. So her dad handed her is hot chocolate to carry so he could carry her pumpkin. After that, I could hear her every now an then saying "ummm, hot chocolate", "it yummy". Not only is she a young diva, but she loves her chocolate! True girly girl!!

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