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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roomie gifts

Well, today is the last day of Creative University *sniff, sniff* and now I can show you the quick and simple gifts I gave to my roomates. There are six of us in one cabin, so I made 5 of the same thing. A few Crystal Light singles, a sample size Jergen's lotion, yummy Reese's pieces, my fav-Burt Bees lip balm, and one of my handmade flowers.

Now, did you notice how I used a button for one of the "o"s? Well, that was to cover up an "oopsy". I made all the wraps and cut out and inked all the Nestie shapes, but when it came to stamping I was a little challenged I guess. I accidentally spelled roomie as "rommie"! Thank goodness these buttons were just the right size to cover it up! Lol!

Stamps: CTMH For All Occasions, Chocolate Alpha
Paper: CTMH Twitterpated
Other: Clear Bags transparent box, CTMH ink, Nestie Label 7, misc. button, foam tape


Sparkle said...

This is darling! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Sheila Bennett said...

Very funny about mis-spelling the word. Good job correcting your "creative challenge". BTW, it was funny sharing a table with you this weekend. :)

nonapearl said...

best roomie gift ever! :)

Amy said...

What a fabulous gift set and I had to LOL at your ingenuity with the button... I never would have guessed it was to cover up an oopsie. I guess Bob Ross was right, 'there are no mistakes, just happy accidents'. ;)