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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrapbooking Class

Here are the layouts I created as examples for the Jobies' scrapbooking class this weekend. I pre-cut everything for them. The single layout using the Animal Cookies B/T is an easy one for the first day. All they have to do is follow the Reflections guide to put it together, and then use stamps to decorate it some more.

The two-page layout is for the second day, but they're only going to make one or the other. This follows a LO design from Imagine. With these LOs I wanted to show them how to incorporate more pictures and memorabilia. There are picture tags along the bottom, and the right page shows how I used CTMH's flip-flops to add even more pictures. If you notice the ribbon at the top of the left page, this is to show them how to "hide" larger keepsakes like programs and what-not in between their pages.

I think they'll have a lot of fun and learn that scrapbooking is not as scary as they might think. Maybe I'll get a few orders out of it too!....even though I can't advertise it...but you bet I'll have catalogs, order forms, and business cards available! ;)

Materials of single LO: All CTMH. Animal Cookies L2PP, Sweet Baby ss, Friendship Alpha small ss. Clover, Indian corn blue, and tulip inks.

Materials of 2-page LO: All CTMH. Bella L2PP, Buttoned Together ss, Friendship Alpha small ss, hollyhock stitched ribbon, pansy purple and hollyhock inks, flip-flops.

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