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Saturday, June 27, 2009

What I've been up to:

Man! Has this been a crazy two weeks! Sorry I've been gone so long. No crafts to share, but I wanted to share some pictures of what I've been doing the last week and a half.

My little brother, Jeremie, has been home since the 16th and went with us to Grand Session in Wenatchee. He came as a surprise to our Dad because he was going out as state office for Job's Daughters. Now that it's over I can share the secret. :)

During the Opening Ceremony on the 19th, the Job's Daughters of the state all have a representative that escorts their American flag in during a special ceremony. Then as the BIG surprise, Jeremie brought in the State's American flag dressed in his full uniform. Seeing Jeremie presenting the colors in his Army dress made our dad tear up! It was a very emotional moment for our family, and for others that commented about it later. Wish I had a picture to share.
I do however have pictures of the AWESOME bargains I got at Wenatchee's local craft store, Craft Warehouse. You bet I found the only craft store in town! Can you believe I bought all these fun finds for only $14!! Yeah! The paper I snagged: Bo Bunny 29th St. Market, Mellow, and super cool embossed houndstooth by Making Memories. Rub-ons, acrylic sheets, and Stickles yeah! The American Crafts ribbon and Basics rhinestones were only 10 for $1! You bet I bought multiples of the argyle ribbon!

After we got back, it's just been one event after another. Multiple family events, and couple of Mariner's games and hanging out with friends. Look at who Jeremie met and talked to at our first Mariner's game on Tuesday!! Yep, that's Jeff Nelson the four time world series champion pitcher.
We "snuck" down to the lower sections and after a while I looked over the aisle and saw Nelson. I was talking to Jeremie and our cousin Tony about it:

"Man, that guy looks a lot like Jeff Nelson"
"I thinks that's Jeff Nelson"
"He's sitting so I can't tell how tall he is" (since Nelson is like 7 ft. tall)

They both weren't sure at first, but after Jeremie and I kept stealing glances at him, we saw a boy come up and ask him for an autograph. Then it was "game on" for Jeremie. In between one of the innings he went over to Nelson and asked him if he could take a picture. Then a bit later Jeremie asked if he could sit by him and talked to him for a whole inning! Way cool! It turned out that Nelson visited the base that Jeremie was stationed at in Afghanistan while he was pulling guard duty at the satellite base. He didn't get a chance to meet him then.

Last night was family movie night. We went to see "The Hangover". So funny!!! Now tonight is a luau at a friends house and then who knows what. We're all going camping over the Fourth. I'll be back to making crafts the next few days and hopefully participating in a blog-hop!

Long post, sorry. Just wanted to update everyone and let you all know that I still love crafting and blogging!

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Sparkle said...

Glad you had a great time with your brother! Your goodies look like alot of fun!