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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My goodies from CTMH's Regional Celebration!

SUPER quick post....need to leave for a meeting....
First off....YAY!! GLEE'S ON TONIGHT!! I'll have to watch it tomorrow since I'm going to my meeting tonight. :( At least shows are back!

So here are all my goodies I received while at CTMH's Regional Celebration in Portland this last weekend. Look at all this stuff!! It's like $190 worth! More than what I paid to register!

Five stamp sets, a FULL paper packet, embellishments (full ones on some of those too), rub-ons, card kits, scrapbook layout kits (enough for 10 people for a workshop!), MyStickease, dimentional elements..... AWESOME!

These last two are things I WON! I guess for being cool. ;)
I can't wait for the next one! And incase you were wondering, those little Michelin Man-looking things on my name badge are "Sticky Boys". He's the first My Acrylics that Jeanette and CTMH developed and the staff randomly placed them in odd spots around the convention center for us to find. I found my first on the mirror in the ladies room, then quickly found another on the inside of my stall door! So fun!

Ok, TTFN. Gotta go! I'll share more later.


itsabrt said...

Oh you lucky Girl, bet you had a blast! Beth

craft_princess said...

Oh wow! Congrats...looks like alot of fun!