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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OK, I give up! I cave!

Soory I haven't posted any creations lately. Going to Portland for my first CTMH convention and busy with card classes and a new special venture....

So for the longest time I've gotten by fine coloring in my images with my trusty Crayola colored pencils. I think they work just fine. I can shade and blend pretty well, plus....only $4 for 20?! How can you go wrong right?

Well, I finally caved and bought my first bunch of Copic sketch markers! Which, buy the way, Michelle at has the lowest prices around and is very nice accommodating. I highly recommend using her site. With all the FANTASTIC artwork I've seen on blogs and in person, I just couldn't get by with the pencils anymore. Also, (super exciting yet scary news here) I'm going to start selling my cards in a local studio downtown in Fremont!! I can't believe it! So this new venture in my life "kinda" justified my purchase of Copics. ...kinda ;)

You might remember from one of my previous post that I might have a chance to sell my cards in an actual store. Well.....

Lara, owner of The Sweet Spot in Fremont, upgraded her studio to a larger space this week with an actual store front and LOADS more retail space. I've been a client of hers for years, and a couple of months ago we were talking about her new space and she mentioned that she'd have more retail space and would like to take a look at my cards. I was kinda like a little kid excited to show off, but I didn't want to bug her too much with everything that was going on buying and setting up the new studio.

So, last Sunday I volunteered at the studio with whatever last things that needed to be done before grand opening on Monday. I had made Lara a very special card to show her how proud I was of her and her accomplishments and she absolutely loved it! She asked if I had any more examples, which of course I brought with me (just in case *wink*) and her and everyone else there couldn't get enough of them. She is totally excited to sell my cards in her studio and thinks the local community will just eat them up.

Lara is all about supporting the local working woman and both her and Fremont are all about things local and handmade. This will hopefully be the perfect place to showcase my cards and make some money doing what I love. Now onto the scary part--the business aspect. I know NOTHING about this and research is not one of my favorite things to do, but it has to be done so I can be successful with this and do it right.

See! I am "kinda" justified in buying my first Copics. I have to make my cards look more professional right? ;)


Amy said...

Congrats on your new business venture Jenn, sounds like an amazing opportunity and I wish you all the best!
I totally think that the Copics are justified, just be careful they can be quite addictive! ;)

craft_princess said...

Congrats!! I would love to sell my cards at a store someday...oh but I need LOTS more practice before I even try that...LOL!
Thaks for stopping by my blog and sending me that link to your friend Sparkle about Copics. Lots of good information!
I am also getting ready to e-mail you about maybe buying that edge distresser.

Sparkle said...

Have fun down in Portland!

Michelle said...

Jenn first of all thank you so much for mentioning my store.

How exciting to have your cards sold in a store, and what an honor to have been asked. I can see why, they are gorgeous.

You will love the copics. They fast became an addiction of mine! It takes a bit of time to get used to the shading and highlighting, but sure is fun practicing!