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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My internet is back...

Sorry everyone. My internet went down Thursday morning and the cable company couldn't get anyone out until today. :( So I have quite a few things to post.

I'm going to post them one day at a time because I'm dealing with my kitty's probable kidney infection. Another :( Almost a year ago I changed my cat, Simon's crunchy food to a new brand high and protein and low in grains. After reading the label and seeing how many natural and pure ingredients were in it, I thought it would be a better choice for my cat. He's strictly indoors. About two weeks ago, Simon stopped eating his kibble. I thought maybe he just didn't like it anymore--finicky cat syndrome. So I changed his food. That worked for a few days, then he didn't eat again. Then one night I made tilapia for dinner and he jumped up on my lap and ate right off my plate! He has NEVER done that before. He didn't even ever want tuna from the can. I then tried some softer food seeing if that would work.

Long story a little shorter....the crunchy food I originally changed him too was too high in protein that his body couldn't process the extra protein fast enough and it messed up his kidneys. He has also lost enough weight that the Vet is worried he might get a fatty liver, which is very dangerous and potentially fatal. The doctor took some blood work yesterday, so hopefully Monday we'll know for sure what's going on in his poor little body. I have to try and shove an antibiotic pill down his throat and also force feed him special food through a syringe. My poor little buddy. :( I really, really hope and pray that he makes it through this since I feel so bad for waiting so long to take him to the vet.

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