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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby steps

For those of you that have been keeping tabs on my progress....I took a baby step in starting my big sewing project. I decided that it would be great practice with the whole sewing thing if I hemmed my living room curtains. I bought them from Ikea only THREE and a half years ago!! They've been just a raw--highly vacuum hazardous--edge the whole time.

Me and the straight pins got to know each other pretty well. Needless to say, pinning is not my favorite. (note to self...don't pin on the carpet unless I want to un-pin it from the carpet) ;) Now that the curtains are FINALLY hemmed I could wash them safely too. They look so much better! And I think I measured quite well don't you? Look how great they lay. The stitch is mostly straight too.

Tomorrow is the "Big" day. I'm going to finally start on the dress I need to make by this Saturday. It's the long black one worn by the model. (of course it has to be the longest one) It feels very daunting, but I think that if I measure twice and cut once like everyone says I'll be OK. This time I'll pin on my kitchen floor. Stay tuned.

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