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Monday, March 23, 2009

What an honor!

While up to my elbows in fabric and straight pins, I received a "Wonderful" blog award from Rachel over at Wonderfully Whimsy that just made my day. This is my first time getting a blog award! Yeah! Now to give them to my top 10 (some of them are also favs of Rachel)......

Nona at Nona's Pearls of Wisdom

Sparkle at Sparkle Creations

Aaron at Booth #32

Tresa at Fabulously Artsy

Josie at Josephine's

Karen at Karen's Creative Corner

Michelle at Stamp and a Smile
Of course a special nod to Rachel's blog since I visit almost every day. Thanks girl!


dpkennedy said...

Thank Jenn! This was very sweet! I appreciate your comments! I am a bad blogger and I never seem to getting around to posting these...I will get it onto my blog asap!

Stamp and Smile said...

THANK YOU so much Jenn for the lovely blog award!! I'm so honored and appreciate the lovely comments! You have a very nice blog and I enjoy your cards!! :) I'll be posting the award soon! Hugs & SMILES!! :)

ScrapyCrafter said...

Oh! Wow! Soooo awesome and so cool to find out how you feel about my blog. Thank U, Thank U! I just started this blog not too long and my inspiration and creativity has started by looking at other blogs just like yours.
But your words and kindness mean the whole world to me!
Thank U!!!!!

Big Hugs!
Yaneri ;o)