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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Change? good

So I was visiting random craft blogs today and noticed a lot of them had really cute backgrounds. I thought, "hey, why not hop on the bandwagon and check out the site for my own"? After much perusing and several attempts to get things just the way I want them-with much failure by the way-I decided to just change back to my old layout.

I know, boring. But I like the way it looks and I think that it doesn't distract from the artwork like a lot of the other backgrounds can do. Often times I'm so fascinated by how some one's background looks that I don't really focus on why I'm there--the ARTWORK!! Many are very cute blogs, but I like my plain 'ol "free-with-purchase" layout that the good folks at Blogger offer.

No artwork for me today. Sorry. I'm starting my first ever sewing project. Yikes! Hopefully if I don't get too much grief from the sewing machine and/or fabric I'll be crafting and blogging again soon. Most likely I'll need a break from trying to decipher patterns and pinning fabric that I'll be desperate to craft. Still have my Personal Challenge to work on after all. ;)

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Rachel said...

Just remember it's YOUR blog. You do what you want. I keep my simple for the exact reason you's distracting. Good luck on the sewing project. Post it when you're done :) I can sew a straight line and that's about it.