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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My cool Etsy find

I have been patiently waiting for these stamps to arrive. Well, not really patiently.... Lol! From the moment I found My Rubber Stamps on Etsy, I new that this would be the perfect match to make custom stamps for the back of my cards. For the longest time I've been using printed labels through Vista Print, but I definately like the idea of stamping instead since I'm stamping on the front...
Eunice at My Rubber Stamps makes each personalized stamp from one of the several templates she has on her Etsy. She also carries a lot of cute craft stamps. All the stamps are mounted on these handled blocks for easy stamping. Here's a close-up of what both of my stamps ink up as:

Couldn't pass up a Crown and Crest for my business stamp. Craft "Royalty".....haha! Get it?! So check out My Rubber Stamps on Etsy and get some of your own personalized stamps!

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craft_princess said...

SWEET! Gotta check out her shop!